Drilling Australia are your RC Exploration and Grade Control Specialists


With extensive experience in the drilling industry, the team at Drilling Australia are here to cater for all your RC drilling requirements in the Goldfields and beyond.

Formed in June 2008, Drilling Australia currently has four RC drill rigs in the fleet working around regional Western Australia.

Drilling Australia is bringing quality along with simplicity back to the drilling industry through providing strong reliable but simple and safe machines to their clients. We consider there have been some magnificent upgrades and improvements to RC drilling rigs in recent times but find some of these to be over complicated and often failing causing mechanical downtime and pushed deadlines for drilling clients. We are bringing drilling back to strong simple basics through a sound knowledge of the drilling industry and the requirements that need to be met by our client base.

Drilling Australia are based in Broadwood, Kalgoorlie where they carry out all fabrication, construction and drilling support. We have experienced and qualified staff, employed full time covering Rig operations, workshop, boiler makers and fitting tasks.

All staff are covered under Drilling Australia’s Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance policies, specific to the clients requirements, and full PPE is provided where required. They are all compliant with our comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Policies and Procedures (Link to Policies page) which can also be developed further to suit specific site requirements.

All vehicles are equipped with site safe accessories and are comprehensively Insured.

We believe we are competitive enough to better any safety, quality, productivity and price figures across the industry and look forward to working with you to prove this in the future.